Happy Birthday

Time is running…4 years ago our A-litter saw the light of day. Happy birthday to Amani, Amber-Joan, Anouk, Abby-Lane, Aiyana and Amy-Lee!!   

Show Karlsruhe

Caprice vom Ilbesberg has been assessed with the result V1 at CAC Karlsruhe on 08.11.2014 At CACIB Karlsruhe on 09.11.2014 she has been assessed with the result V2. Amani vom Ilbesberg has been assessed on both days with the result V3.

Planned Mating

In spring 2015 we planned the mating of Caprice vom Ilbesberg with Maxsta Bombastic Boy.  

KfT exhibition Bensheim

Caprice vom Ilbesberg achieved the results V1 Jugend-CAC and the BOB  in the youth class at the today’s exhibition in Bensheim.

KfT exhibition Köppern

Caprice vom Ilbesberg achieved the result V2 in the youth class of today’s exhibition in Köppern.

exhibition Saarbrücken

Caprice & Amani vom Ilbesberg have both achieved the result V2 at CACIB Saarbrücken on 08.06.2014 and at CAC Saarbrücken on 09.06.2014.

KfT exhibition Hamm

Caprice vom Ilbesberg achieved her first qualification at the youth class with the result V2.

Happy Birthday

Time is running so qickly… One year ago, our C-litter has come into the world. They all become wondefull and pretty dogs for which we are very proud of!!! W wish our “liitle ones” therefore a happy happy 1st birthday!! We hope you will bring a lot of joy to your families!! 

Shanti & Caprice

Shanti and Caprice have the privilege to represent the race Staffordshire Bullterrier on the homepage of Mrs. Hofer-Ott.   http://www.nadines-hundedress.de/