About Us

My name is Sandra Müller. Since I can think, it has been my biggest wish to have a dog. But it had been a long way to fulfill my wish of calling a dog my own. In the age of 23 I made it, my dream came true. In autumn 2007, „Laika“, a 9-weeks old cross-breed, moved into my home. With her I had my first experiences at the dog training facilities and in dog training in general. By accident, I took notice of  the breed Staffordshire Bullterrier. I did research on the internet and have immediately been keen on these cuddly and affectionate dogs.

In sommer 2008, Shanti moved into our home.
Since this moment we all have been absolutely infected by the “Staffbull-Virus”.
The facination by these wonderful allrounders has increased from day to day.
That is how the wish to breed by myself came up. We have been visiting some exhibitions, passed the character testing brilliantly and made all test that are medically needed for breeding. An application for a cattery name ensued, the participation in the new breeding seminars at the new breeding school of DCBT e.V. as well as the breeding confirmation. After we have met all requirements for breeding, nothing stands in the way anymore to start.


Breeding objective

My breeding objectives are healthy, intelligent, friendly character and eager-to-work dogs who are absolutely family-friendly.

The puppies are raised with biggest care and lots of love in our house with direct entrance to the garden. It is very important for me that our puppies are raised in the everyday life and therefore will be charactarized and socialized by humans, dogs and environmental stimuli. Fully integrated into the daily routine right from the beginning on, they will be part of the entirely normal insanity to be ideally prepared for their new home.